Aug 11, 2021

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Salary Guides for Digital Marketers 2022

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Salary Guides for Digital Marketers 2022

We have partnered with global digital media and marketing recruiter Aspire to bring you a comprehensive guide to salaries in three regions: the UK, the US, and APAC (Singapore).

Having experienced over a year living and working in a pandemic, businesses and employees have discovered tools to adapt to "the new normal". In 2021, many businesses have pivoted their strategies to complement the changes that consumers and employees have had to make to their lifestyles.  

Each guide covers a variety of roles within the key areas of employment in digital marketing: 

  • Marketing, Content, UX and Design, Strategy, Media Planning & Buying, Social Media, Ad Ops.

The dozens of roles covered include: VP of Sales, CRO, Motion Graphics Designer, Strategist, Account Executive, Events Producer, CRM Manager, Head of Biddable, Social Media Director, SEO Director, Director of Programmatic Marketing, Media Planner, Content Manager, Senior Editor, and many more.

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1. UK Salary Guide

Overview: The UK has seen an e-commerce boom and roles associated with that including specialists in technology, data and digital marketing. Businesses have had to focus on their return of investment, being ready to switch their spend to take advantage of online activity and improving the digital experience. In addition, there has been a shift in mindset towards freelancers.  

UK Salary Guide 2021

2. USA Salary Guide

Overview: This guide focusses on New York, where businesses have been seen to take advantage of new working habits to give their customers a top online experience - leading to a huge increase in digital opportunities. Confidence in candidates has grown though they still need to feel secure. 

USA Salary Guide

3. Asia Pacific Salary Guide

Overview: Singapore is known as an international hub. Because of the pandemic, businesss have seen hiring budgets increase and online specialists are in great demand. They have also adapted to hiring remote workers - due to particularly tight restrictions - and changes to the interview process. 

APAC Salary Guide

Aspire is a specialist recruitment consultancy for the digital, tech, media, and marketing communications sectors. Winner of multiple awards the business was originally established in London in 1992 and the company now operates throughout the UK, in APAC, and North America. Founder Paul Farrer hosted a DMI CV Clinic and has joined us on two podcasts.

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